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What about insurance?

Public + Product Liability Insurance

Oi Field Sales insurance covers Oi Field Agents when undertaking tasks in retail stores whilst representing Oi. This is a third-party liability policy covering up to $20 Million that insures Oi Field Agents for their liability to third parties for personal injury or property damage whilst performing their pre-defined activities within a task for Oi. The policy does not cover personal injury to, or damage to property belonging to the Oi Field Agent, and should not be considered a replacement for workers compensation, salary protection or other similar types of insurance.

What are my obligations as an Oi Field Agent?

Earning extra cash by completing sales and merchandising tasks in your local is awesome but don’t forget that this extra income has to be declared with the ATO. With income you may also be eligible to claim deductions too! We suggest you find out your obligations and you can start here:

What does an Oi Field Agent Do?

Depending on where your skills and passions lie; an Oi Field Agent could be responsible for undertaking basic data collecting tasks in retail stores or be involved in merchandising new products for big brands. An Oi Field Agent works inside an app which is downloaded on their smart phone. The app is then used to check what jobs are scheduled to be completed for the day, week and even month. These tasks could be as easy as stepping into your local retail store to gather photos, price information and stock availability. When you develop additional skills through Oi Field Sales Training, you can also be assigned tasks for visual merchandising, executing new product launches and planogram implementation. All Oi Field Agents are sales focused however we have dedicated fully trained Oi Field Agents who represent and sell products into retail stores on behalf of brands.

Who is the best candidate to be an Oi Field Agent?

The great thing about Oi Field Sales is that we provide training and on-going support to all agents in the field. Typically, we are looking for candidates with some sales and merchandising experience, but it is not a necessity. We are looking for self-motivated individuals who are looking for an opportunity to be a part of something where they can work flexible or full-time hours and be rewarded for their efforts in a fast-paced and exciting industry.

Can I really work my own hours?

Yes. As an Oi Field Agent you are paid on completion of a job. Since you are dealing with retailers, you are required to complete jobs in a reasonable time frame within hours that the retail stores are open. We allocate a reasonable time to complete a job, but if you work efficiently and get the job done quickly and correctly then that’s great!

Where do I work?

Oi Field Agents are deployed to undertake tasks in their local retail stores. This could be grocery, pharmacy and other retail outlets. As an Oi Field Agent you are assigned tasks that are within your local area meaning less travel and less time sitting in traffic! We recommend that all Oi Field Agents have a reliable vehicle and driver’s license to ensure they can get around efficiently to complete their tasks.

How much can I expect to earn?

Oi Field Agents can work as much or as little as they want. We want to match the right jobs to the right people in their local area. Since we provide full training, you don’t necessarily need to be from the sales and merchandising industry. However if you are an individual with great selling skills, we will reward you with a fantastic earning capacity. If you are an individual who is looking to do a few hours a week completing basic tasks then you can expect to earn above award hourly rate.

For Example

1-5 hours per week

Kelly is a stay-at-home mum who is looking after 2 kids at home. She is looking to work a few hours when she’s out running errands and doing the groceries. Kelly can work 5 hours a week. Typically Kelly is completing tasks such as, price checking, checking out of stocks and other simple data collecting activities. Kelly can expect to earn between $30-$33 per hour / $150-$165 per week

15 hours per week

Ben is currently studying and is looking for casual or part-time hours when he is not at Uni. Ben is also completing simple data collection tasks like Kelly as well as some visual merchandising tasks. Ben is working 15 hours a week and he can expect to earn between $25-28 per hour / $375-$420 per week

40 hours per week

Alison is working as an Oi Field Agent full-time. Alison is carrying out basic data collection tasks as well as visual merchandising and direct sales. She spends roughly half of her time selling great products into retail stores that she frequently visits on a call cycle. Alison can expect to earn a salary range between $57,000 - $83,000

* These examples are a guide only. Oi Field Agent availability, location and job frequency can alter these figures. Amounts are before tax.

How do I get paid?

Oi Field Agents are paid upon task completion. Quality of work is important and customer satisfaction is paramount! Completed tasks are checked at Oi HQ to make sure it has been done correctly. Tasks marked as completed 100%, will be paid!

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